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How to send a FAX using the Mac Internal Modem + a PrePaid Calling Card

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

This ‘How to’ Post solves four problems –
1. – How to send a FAX using the Mac Internal Modem
2. – How to FAX outside your area code with no long
distance service available
3. – How to FAX using a PrePaid Calling Card
4. – How to make use of the Pause key and it’s function when Faxing

I, unfortunately, had to cut back my landline phone service and drop long distance calling outside my area code. No big deal. No complaints. Times are tough for some of us.

On the bright side, I was one of the lucky ones, so far, to get an invitation to use Google Voice and I have my cell phone. Take that AT&T. Move back one space. Move forward one space.

My wish list for Google Voice is, provide a way to send FAXes.

So, you may want to think before you drop your landline or long distance service because what I suddenly discovered is, how can I send a FAX outside my area code?

Add another variable to the above problem. My HP 2500 All-In-One FAX/Printer/Copier was also malfunctioning.

There’s an adage that says, “When it rains, it pours”. [sigh] What to do. What to do.

After quietly staring at my computer desk I noticed an old Supra56i modem, literally collecting dust for who knows how long, that I used occasionally with my old Apple G3.

And then it hit me! There’s an Internal 56K Modem (v.90) inside my PowerBook G4 that I never have bothered to use or explore.

Here’s the work-around –

1. – Go to your SYTEM PREFERENCES and choose PRINT & FAX

2. – Click on the FAXING tab and input the following…

    A. Check the box if you want to RECEIVE FAXES ON THIS COMPUTER.
    B. Enter your FAX number in the MY FAX NUMBER BOX
    C. Choose how many rings from WHEN A FAX ARRIVES: ANSWER
    AFTER [ ? ] RINGS
    D. Check the box SAVE TO: if and where you want to save your FAXES
    E. Check the box EMAIL TO: If and where you want the FAX sent to an
    Email address
    F. Check the box PRINT ON PRINTER: if and what printer to use
    G. Click on the SET UP A FAX MODEM tab. A FAX LIST window will pop-up.
    You’ll have a choice between Bluetooth, Bluetooth Modem,
    Bluetooth-PDA-Aync and Internal Modem. Choose INTERNAL MODEM.
    H. Close

4. – Open any application that you would print from or FAX, such as, Excel, Entourage, iCal, Microsoft Word, or the simpler TextEdit application.

5. – Type your FAX message or prepare your document to print or FAX.

6. – When finished choose FILE > PRINT > PDF > FAX PDF

7. – In the pop-up window at the TO: box here’s where the magic begins:
Enter the Calling Card 800 number (ex) 18001234567 followed by the PAUSE key-character,
in my case I use the COMMA ” , ” (other PAUSE key-characters are the ” # ” or ” * “).

This PAUSE key-character, which represents about a one-second pause, is used to represent how long it takes for any voice message(s) that occur’s such as “…please enter your AT&T Prepaid Phone card number”. So, I estimated about 3 seconds, thus 3 COMMA’S ” , , , “.

8. – After the voice message is finished the modem then moves on to dial the next
set of numbers, your PrePaid Card Number ID. I have 12 numbers to enter.
(ex) 13121234567890

So far everything should look like this- 18001234567,,,123456789012

9. – After the modem dials these set of numbers another voice message announces, ( “…you can dial now” ). Once again I estimated another 3 seconds for the modem to pause during this message. Add another 3 commas after the PrePaid Phone Card Number ID.
(ex) 18001234567,,,123456789012,,,

10. – Last, enter the phone number such as 1 + area code + phone number.
(ex) 13121234567

The final sequence should now looks like this…

18001234567,,,123456789012,,,13121234567 OR
18001234567###123456789012###13121234567 OR

11. – At the MODEM: box choose INTERNAL MODEM

12. – At the PRESETS: box you can use STANDARD

13. – FAX COVER PAGE is the default and you can check the box for USE COVER PAGE if needed.

14. – Finally, click on FAX!

ADDENDUM: There is no “app” per se that is included with the Internal Modem to view a FAX Log. However, thanks to Apple’s CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) you can! For the non-Techies, don’t worry about this. It all happens in the background. As the Wizard of OZ said, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!”.

CUPS is a printer management system that uses a Web interface for administering Printers/FAX Printers. It keeps tabs of when you choose PRINT > PDF > FAX PDF from TextEdit, Microsoftword and other applications when sending a PDF FAX.

Copy or type this URL into your Browser’s Address Field –
This will show you a list of only the received FAXes, but not sent FAXes.

Copy or type this URL into your Browser’s Address Field –
This will show you a list of print and FAX jobs completed.

Copy or type this URL into your Browser’s Address Field –
To view local Printers and FAX Printers on the local network.

Copy or type this URL into your Browser’s Address Field –
To see what FAX Printer is in on your local network such as the Internal Modem.

More information about CUPS –

* Everything was executed using a PowerBook G4 Laptop – Mac OS 10.4.11 – Mac Internal Modem – Landline phone connection