Tracfone + iPod Touch Combo

First of all let me set the record straight.

No, Apple is not, or ever will, bring anything to Tracfone such as it has with AT&T or Verizon, period.

This blog is about using the iPod Touch in combination with your Tracfone.

Granted few of us want to carry around multiple devices, and there are a number of us out there that do, as witnessed first hand here in the Chicago area.

So, why the combo?

First, Verizon announced that with their new iPhone you will not be able to talk and surf the web at the same time as you can with AT&T’s iPhone.

And second, there was a news story about a guy who was so frustrated with using his iPhone and AT&T’s service that he ditched it, bought an iPod Touch and another economical phone with more reliable service.

Are we beginning to see a pattern playing out here?

It was this story that got me thinking and finally acting on this combo package. What a great idea!

The iPod Touch is a great must-have device. Think of it as a miniature iPad2.

With an iPod Touch you can download thousand’s of apps (99% of all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch apps are compatible), your iTune’s, games, maps, utilities, the apps list goes on and on and on.

Imagine sitting and enjoying your Starbucks 31 once “Trenta” and playing your favorite game on your iPod Touch while at the same time, with a bluetooth earphone tethered to your Tracfone, chatting with your friends at the same time.

It comes with FaceTime which allows you to not just say hello but smile at the same time.

You can shoot your up and coming viral HD Video and immediately upload it to YouTube.

Download your favorite movies and TV shows, play your mp3’s from iTunes, send and receive email and browse the internet with the Safari web browser.

The greatest feature the iPod Touch has to offer is AirPlay which allows you to stream wirelessly all of your music, photos, and video to your HDTV and speakers via the new Apple TV.

You can do all of this without paying for an expensive data plan. Just connect at any wifi ‘Hot-Spot’ or at home.

Here, in the Chicagoland area, you can walk from the John Hancock building all the way down Michican avenue to the Sear’s Tower (opps! the Willis Tower) and constantly be connected with a wifi connection.

This is due, in part, to all of the Starbuck’s, MacDonald’s, Tea House’s and Cafe HotSpot’s as you’re walking along!

I guess you can refer to this as, ‘HotSpot Hopping’.

We use to drive around searching for any open wifi connection referred to as, “Warchalking” the drawing of symbols in public places to advertise an open wifi wireless network.

Now every open wifi connection is referred to as a ‘HotSpot’ and the once ‘drawing of symbols’, with chalk, has now been replaced with ‘branding symbols’ such as Starbuck’s, Caribou Coffee, MacDonald’s, etc..

Apple CEO Steve Jobs said of the iPod Touch, at the Apple Special Events on September 2010, “A lot of people call it an iPhone without the phone. It’s also an iPhone without the contract.”

Think about it. With both the iPod Touch and Tracfone your not paying for a data plan, the voice plans, the email allotment plans, the ‘penalty’ cost of going over any of your allotments, the dreaded two year contract and the anxiety of of paying a huge penalty to end that relationship.

Oh, and let’s not forget the monthly bill to mull over.

As you can see your still financially ahead with your prepaid Tracfone and now by adding an iPod Touch I think you have the best of both worlds as a smart economical combo.


** FAQ – Three of the most asked questions for this post: **

1. Is there a “data plan” for Tracfone?
Answer: No.
Tracfone’s are GMS “cellular-analog-type mobile phones” and NOT “wifi” phones *

You cannot walk into a Starbuck’s or any wifi Hotspot brick-and-mortar building to connect to the internet with your Tracfone.

You can only connect* to the Internet through Tracfone’s cellular network and Tracfone’s built-in firmware Browser and not “wifi” per se.

Another way to think of accessing the Internet with a Tracfone could be compared to it as having a built-in-hardwired-analog-modem rather than “over-the-air wifi” as we have come to know wifi connections.

You will also use up your minutes very quickly. So, if you must use Tracfone’s Browser, it’s best to know what your searching for beforehand and quickly. I recommend “Googling” instead.

In fact you would be saving money, as well as minutes, by NOT accessing the internet with a Tracfone! Hence, the purpose of having the combo as described here in this posting!

You can read more information on how you can “Google” with your Tracfone, or any cell-phone, here at my Blog site, Read my posting under, “Tracfone + Google”.

I am no way knocking Tracfone’s Internet connection ability. I did not buy a Tracfone for this purpose.

Once again the idea behind purchasing a Tracfone is cost savings. To send and receive calls as well as Text messages, period.

2. Can you get a Tracfone plan for the 4th generation iPod Touch? –
Answer: No.
It is a wifi device and does not use cellular networks.

Steve Jobs described the iPod Touch as an iPhone without the phone.

What you CAN do

If you’re in need of a constant data connection for the iPod Touch you will want to invest in a Mifi device.

Basically it’s a Hotspot device, in fact, your own personal Hotspot on-the-go! With a Mifi device you can share your connection with others (up to five) and you can data roam in more than 200 countries.

These Mifi devices are available through AT&T, Verizon or Sprint. I was offered one for free at Verizon, which had an inexpensive 2 year data plan attached with it, but gracefully declined preferring to use the free Hotspots provided by Starbucks, book stores, etc.. Your offer may vary.

3. Can you “Tether” an iPod Touch with your Tracfone?
Answer – No.

To describe Tethering would be – sharing the Internet connection of an Internet-capable mobile phone with other devices.

Tracfone does not meet the qualifications.

* Read Tracfone’s advertising copy as far as “connecting” to the Internet with “tongue-in-cheek”. There’s an old adage about choosing your words carefully. I think the word “access” would be a better word rather than “connect”.

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2 Responses to “Tracfone + iPod Touch Combo”

  1. JennyNo Gravatar says:

    And I’ve gone one better- sold my Verizon iPhone 4, bought a triple minutes Tracfone, kept my old iPhone 3gs but disconnected service and now use it as an iPod touch. So I’m saving tons of money…feeling pretty proud of myself right now!

  2. DeeradNo Gravatar says:

    I did the same thing as the author here did. Whew. I have to say it is nice not having the telecoms monthly bill to furrow my brows into.

    Best of all, the iPod touch rocks and I’ve noticed many Dr.s using them in their offices and hospitals. Quick reference is always nice.

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