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Tracfone LG840g Contacts Transfer

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

Tracfone LG840g ‘contacts/phonebook’ transfer.

First, a reminder:
ALL of your “contacts” should always be kept on your computer using an application such as Apple’s Address Book,or on the PC side, an option would be Outlook. By doing so, you can transfer your contacts to any device(s) later via BLUETOOTH. Just make sure to keep it current.

Other reasons you should keep a current Contacts list on your computer is if you lose your Tracfone or your SIM gets corrupted.

In this example we’ll be using Apple’s Address Book.



1. From the computer open your Address Book contacts and choose SELECT ALL then EXPORT to your computer as a 2.1 VCARD which is basically a .vcf file. You could just simply call it, contacts.vcf
– it’s easier to save to the Desktop to locate it later
– vCard more info



2. Turn on your computers BLUETOOTH.

3. Turn on your LG840g BLUETOOTH.
– You can find Bluetooth on the LG840g by swiping to the next screen, or two, and you’ll find the Bluetooth icon
– simply click on the Bluetooth icon and click ON

4. From your LG840g click on SEARCH NEW DEVICE (it will search for your computer or other Bluetooth enabled device)
– it should respond with DEVICE FOUND with the name of your computer (ex. mikesdesktopcomputer)

5. Click on your computer name
– it needs to be PAIRED so it will ask you to ENTER PASSCODE
– type any number, a default number would be 0000 hit ENTER

6. Your computer will now respond with a request box to enter your PASSCODE number you used from the LG840g and hit ENTER
– they should now be PAIRED (basically communicating to each other)

7. From your computer go up to the menu bar and click on the BLUETOOTH icon and choose SEND FILE

8. It will bring up the BROWSE FILE box and locate your .vcf file (contacts.vcf) we saved to the Desktop

9. Once located click SEND

10. Your LG840g will ask you to save – answer yes

That’s it.


Get Your Contacts In Sync!

If you haven’t already setup a CONTACT application such as, Apple’s ADDRESS BOOK or, on the PC side, OUTLOOK on your computer as a backup and a way to store your Tracfone CONTACTS, here’s your chance to get into sync!

Just SEND you’re CONTACTS from your LG840g to your computer via BLUETOOTH!

By keeping and updating your CONTACTS on the computer you’re able to TRANSFER them easily to another Tracfone or Smartphone.

One of the biggest complaints I hear all the time is, “How do I transfer my Contacts to my new Tracfone?” Or, “How do I transfer my SIM Contacts to my new SIM?”

Why always try to transfer from SIM to SIM when you can as easily transfer from the Computer to SIM??

Let’s get started.

1. Once again turn on BLUETOOTH from your LG840g and COMPUTER.

2. From your LG840g in the BLUETOOTH menu secreen click on SEARCH NEW DEVICE.

3. It will respond with DEVICE FOUND which will display the name of your computer. (ex. mikeslaptopcomputer)

4. Click on your computer’s name and a new screen will appear on your LG840g – ENTER PASSCODE
– Enter any number (the default is 0000) and click OK

5. Your computer will respond with a request box PAIRING REQUEST FROM: LG840G Please enter a passkey to use with this device
– Enter the same number you used on your LG840g (ex. 0000)
– Both the COMPUTER and LG840g are now PAIRED

6. On your LG840g SWIPE the screen (left or right) and click on the CONTACTS icon pic.

7. At the top right-hand-corner of the screen click on the SCREEN MENU ICON pic
– a new pop-up screen appears
– scroll down and CLICK on SEND CONTACT INFO
– You will have three choices on how to send your contacts click on BLUETOOTH

8. Your list of CONTACTS will appear and at the bottom of the screen click on SELECT ALL
– click SEND

9. You will be presented with a request on how to send the contacts
– click YES
– a response appears PREPAIRING TO SEND

10. Depending on how you set up your computer to accept downloads (mine is set to accept downloads on the DESKTOP) a file will appear called vCard.vcf with all of your CONTACTS from the LG840g.

11. When you click on this file, on the computer, it will open up your CONTACTS/PHONEBOOK application such as Apple’s ADRESS BOOK or on the PC in OUTLOOK. (In my case it opened up Apple’s ADDRESS BOOK to import).

That’s it. Your in sync!

Just remember to update your CONTACTS and when it comes time to transfer to another phone quit worrying about transferring your CONTACTS from SIM to SIM.