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Use a PrePaid Calling Card to send a FAX

Friday, December 25th, 2009

This should work with any FAX machine. The key to the success is your PAUSE key-cahracter(s) for your particular FAX machine. Universal PAUSE key-characters are the comma ” , ” or the pound key ” # ” or the star key ” * “. (Do not include the quotation marks)

1. – Enter the Calling Card 800 number (ex) 18001234567 followed by the PAUSE key-character. in my case I use the COMMA key ” , ” for my HP 2500 All-In-One Printer/FAX/Copier. Your PAUSE key-characters may be different, dependent on your particular FAX machine, but are usually the universal ” # ” (pound key) or ” * “ (star key).

This PAUSE key-character, which represents about a one-second pause, is used to represent how long it takes for any voice message(s) that occur’s such as “…please enter your AT&T Prepaid Phone card number”. So, I estimated about 3 seconds, thus 3 COMMA’S ” , , , “.
(ex) 18001234567,,,

2. – After the voice message is finished the modem then moves on to dial the next 
set of numbers, your PrePaid Calling Card Number ID. I have 12 numbers to enter.
(ex) 123456789012

So far everything should look like this – 18001234567,,,123456789012

3. – After the modem finishes dialing these set of numbers another voice message announces, ( “…you can dial now” ). Once again I estimated another 3 seconds for the modem to pause during this message. Add another 3 commas after the PrePaid Calling Card Number ID.
(ex) 18001234567,,,123456789012,,,

4. – Last, enter the FAX phone number you’re sending the FAX to, such as 1 + area code + FAX phone number.
(ex) 13121234567

The final sequence should now looks like this…

5. – In my case all I need to do now is hit the FAX button to send. Your final sequence may be to hit a SEND button.

Excuse me. There’s a Fax coming in!