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Tracfone + Facebook

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

Let’s “Face” it, it’s getting to be more of a challenge every day to “stay in the loop” with the ever changing technology especially if you own a prepaid GMS cell phone such as Tracfone, myself included of course.

Let’s keep reminding ourselves we’re the rogue few saving money.

I am content with my Bluetooth LG600g. I receive a call, I make a call as well as texting. If I want to surf the web I bring along my iPod Touch and once again I have no bills to pay for using it as well.

The Tracfone we use is far and wide from being a Smartphone but you can teach it to do a lot more than what you thought capable. You can read more of, “Your Prepaid Tracfone is smarter than you think!” here at my Blog site on what your Tracfone can do!.

One of many tricks I’ll guide you through here is how to interact with Facebook, update your status, send a Post to a friends Wall, “Like” someone and more!

1. Log in to your Facebook Account from your computer
2. Goto your Account Settings
it’s located at the top Menu Bar all the way to the right next to Home with a small down arrow
3. Click on Mobile – located on the left side of the screen menu
– This will take you to the Mobile Settings page
4. Click on +Add a Phone
5. A popup menu will appear.
– Choose your Country and Mobile Carrier (in my case T-Mobile)
– Below this is a Confirmation code box but first…
5. Send a Text message, with only the letter F, to 32665
(32665 is a short code for FBOOK)
-Facebook will send a code back to your Tracfone such as abcdef
6. Type your code in the Confirmation code box and check or uncheck the following boxes:
– Share my phone number with my friends and
– Allow friends to text me from Facebook
– Click Next
7. Facebook will send you another text message to your Tracfone –

Text 32665 to set your status.
Turn off texts, reply “stop”
SMS charges may apply.
Reply “help” for other options

8. Go ahead and add the Facebook short code phone number 32665 as a New Contact to your Tracfone and name it, for now, Facebook Status

Now, choose what you want to do from the table below.

  Type one of these request, from this column, into your Text msg and send to 32665
Update your Facebook Status   I made it to John’s party. Thx!
Add Friend by name

add johnsmith

Add Friend by phone number   add 1234567890
Subscribe to a users Status   johnsmith
Unsubcribe when you receive a Friends txt msg   unsubscribe
Photo Help   photos
Help   help
Start SMS   on
Stop SMS   stop
To Like a page   like cnn
To Like a user   like johnsmith
Send a Private MSG   msg johnsmith
Send a Wall Post   wall johnsmith Whaz up?!
Poke someone   poke johnsmith
Write a Note   note What time is John’s party?
*Send an Email to
Facebook Mail
  *Read my posting under “Tracfone + Email”

So, there you have it. We can still “save face” as well as “stay in the loop” with our technocratic smartphone friends and manage our “on-the-go” lifestyle.

You can also email Facebook friends! I show you how under my “Tracfone + Email” posting Categories!

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