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Oops! You and your Tracfone just got “Bumped”. Now what? – QR scan

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

No, I’m not talking about getting “Bumped” by your favorite Airline at the airport.

Instead, I’m referring to Smartphone users who “Bump” their phones together to exchange contact information, photos, and other objects between phones.

It’s happening all the time, everywhere and, once again, leaving Tracfone user’s out in cyberspace. Or, does it?

We may not be able to Bump into our Smartphone friends but we can connect with them by scanning instead!

Here’s how!

1. Create your own personal Mobile TAG, also referred to as a QR Code (Quick Response code) image, at one of many Mobile Tag sites*. For this demonstration we’ll use the the AT&T Create-a-Code web site.
– include your information such as name, phone number, etc. and choose Create

* Alternate QR code/Mobile Tag web sites

2. Download, Copy or Drag your coded image to your computer
– Rename it for quick recognition such as, My Contact Tag, My Website Tag or My Blog SIte Tag etc., depending on how you create your Mobile Tag

3. Using Bluetooth, on both both your computer and Tracfone, SEND the image to your Tracfone.
– It will save it automatically to your Grahics folder on your Tracfone

4. Open your Graphics folder, on your Tracfone, and scroll to the coded image

5. Select VIEW to see your coded image on your Tracfone screen

Now here’s the great part where your Tracfone reaches out for the cutting edge of high tech.

Anyone with a Smartphone, such as the iPhone or Android, iPad or iPod Touch, can scan this coded image from your Tracfone screen and viola! they now have your contact information which is automatically added to their Address Book!

Alternatively, your coded image could also lead them to your web site to be bookmarked for future reference.

This leads us to the question then, why keep one coded image in your Tracfone Graphics folder when in fact you could have more! One coded image for your Contact information, another for your Blog site and yet another for your Website to show prospective clients you meet at your next social gathering.

So, there you go! Don’t get Bumped. Scan instead!


NOTE: You cannot scan with a Tracfone! You can only have a QR scan image for Smartphone users to scan your information.

Helpful Hints:
– The bigger the dots or blocks in the coded image the better.
– Go ahead and add some color to these code images. Don’t go too light on the color
and test it by scanning before using.

What was used for this demo –
Bluetooth LG600g Tracfone
iPod Touch (4th generation) IOS 5.0

Mobile Tag Web site –
AT&T Create-a-Code

Scanner apps used on the iPod Touch –
AT&T Code Scanner
Mobile Tag

Smartphone/Device users can download these apps from –
iTunes app store –

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