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Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

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In my previous Blog, Tracfone Email Know-how, I showed you how to send an email using, of all things, a Prepaid Tracfone and now, today, we’re upping the ante on how to, drum roll please…query Google without the added expense of using WiFi.

Yes! Prepaid Tracfone users, unite! Say it loud, I’m a PrePaid Tracfone user!

There’s no need to sheepishly hang your head when standing around those snub-nose Smartphone technocrats who seem to exude self importance just by peering at their Smartphones.

Do not despair. To quote a song title by the English rock band, Argent. “Hold Your Head High!”

All of this happens thanks to, Google SMS. Simply send a query via SMS (TXT MSG).

Yes! I’m a Proud Tracfone user!

Here’s how…
(NOTE: This example is being demonstrated with the Tracfone Bluetooth LG600G. However, my test, which are inconclusive, indicate that ANY Tracfone is capable of using Google SMS)

    1. Set up a NEW CONTACT and call it ‘Google Search’ and enter the Google phone number which is, ‘466453’ (it spells Google)
    2. Select Save
    3. Go to MESSAGES > NEW MESSAGE > TEXT and type in ‘weather 60511′ OR ‘weather chicago’ (include a SPACE between weather and 60511)
    4. Select SEND TO and select CONTACTS (This is your phonebook) and choose your newly saved contact called ‘Google Search’
    5. Select OK
    6. Select OPTIONS > SEND

    Google will soon respond and send you a NEW MESSAGE with the Chicago weather report!!

Other query examples, and there are many more, for Google SMS are…

  • pizza 60515 – (the nearest pizza house in your local town or zip)
  • local sushi 60515 – (sushi locations)
  • movies downers grove – OR movies 60515 (Google will prompt you for show times also)
  • flight us 1549 – (your flight status)
  • stock aapl – (see how Apple(aapl) is doing in the stock market albeit, any stock quote)
  • etc., etc…
  • Once again, you can find more information about this unknown feature for your Tracfone at Google SMS.

    Have fun and Google away!

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